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Authorspgmann, Amaury Carrade
Programming LanguagesJava
LibrariesBukkit API, zLib, Apache Commons Lang
Time TakenOct 2013 - Present
Related LinksGitHub Source, BukkitDev

About SpectatorPlus

This is a Bukkit plugin for Minecraft. When you're not playing a game, /spec on gets you a teleporter and allows you to fly. You're invisible to the players and can't damage entities or the environment.

Notable Features

  • Downloads - Currently over 23,500 downloads as of June 2017!
  • Open Source - Anyone can contribute; there are over 400 commits from 5 different people changing over 44.2k lines of code.
  • Speed - The structure has been revamped 3 times throughout the life of the project to improve performance and workflow.
  • Simplicity - Help is provided for all commands, and GUIs containing items representing actions are used where possible.


  • Note the action items in the hot bar
  • Click with the compass to teleport to a player
  • Click with the clock to select an arena
Teleporter GUI
  • This is activated by clicking with the compass
  • Clicking a head in the inventory will teleport you
Teleportation Complete
  • The spectator selects a player from the Teleporter GUI
  • They are then moved to the player's location