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Programming LanguagesHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP
LibrariesjQuery 2.1.3, Google Maps API
Time Taken2010 - Present
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About NetBrief

This site was designed for family and friends to help them access commonly used information as easily as possible by linking it all from a central location. The site has underwent many developments over the years, detailed in the history section below. It has gradually become smarter, more polished and more helpful as I have improved my skills over the years.


Please excuse the quality of these websites - hopefully you can see an improvement from one to the other!
I had only started programming and was still very young when I made these but I've decided to list them for historical purposes.

v1: Internet Start (2010)
  • Drag-and-drop flash website
v2: Internet Homepage (2011)
  • HTML used for coding
  • Rainbow design using frames
  • Multiple layout options (page per section or all on one page)
v3: Best of the Web (2012)
  • PHP used for dynamic content
v4: Best of the Web (2014)
  • PHP used for dynamic content
  • Fixed header and navigation bar
v5: NetBrief (2016)
  • Currently under development